Congratulations Lindsay!

Congratulations to Lindsay A of Stouffville, Ontario for winning our My Awesome Year contest! We look forward to sharing your blogs and vlogs as you study and travel with Blyth Academy Global High School.

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Blyth Academy Global High School

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Offering Grade 11 and 12 programs and suitable for gap years and students looking to upgrade after graduation, Blyth Academy Global High School provides access to the natural, historical, artistic, and scientific wonders of Europe, Australasia, and Central America with a four-term program that is designed to give students the very best experiential education available, in an affordable, safe, comfortable setting.

Our students travel with our experienced, empathetic teaching staff, hand-selected to provide a dynamic learning environment as well as considerate personal and academic guidance. In interactive classes averaging less than eight students, they will enjoy hands-on, personalized teaching that has proved transformative to students, building self-confidence and steadily improving grades.

The Very Best Experiential Education

Our Results
95% of Blyth Academy students go on to their first choice of college or university, and many receive scholarship funding. Many of these students receive offers of post-secondary placement that may have seemed out of reach before studying with us.

Fully accredited and recognized by Canadian and international universities, credits earned are easily transferred back to their home schools and for applications to university and college applications.