How to Enter the Contest


How It Works:

Fill out the application form (online)
Upload parent letter of reference (min. 500 words) that tells us why your child deserves to go to Blyth Global Academy and how you will support them in this process.
Tell us why you would like to study abroad, and how you will use this experience in your life back home in a 1500-2000 word essay. See essay submission guidelines.
Upload your photo (clearly showing your face please!)
You can even make a video and submit it too (Optional. See video submission guidelines)
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Ten finalists will be chosen from the eligible contest entrants, and their photo and bio will be posted online at Each finalist is also required to make a video explaining why they deserve to win, in a creative and exciting manner. There will be a short template for this video that ensures that the entrant places the website and the hashtag within the video. Remember, the video is designed to gain you votes, so get creative.

To vote for your favourite and most deserving Finalist, simply click on their profile and select VOTE (one vote per email address in a 24 hour period). Finalists are encouraged to share their profile on Twitter and Facebook and use the hashtag #myawesomeyear. The finalist with the most votes at 11.59pm EST May 12th will win an academic year abroad.

*If you are under 18, we will require parent / guardian consent to enter this contest, and to agree to all of the terms and conditions.