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Blyth_MAY_Finalist_Vote_CurtisWAbout Curtis

My name is Curtis Wackett, I am 16 going on 17 years old, and I am attending Bill Crothers Secondary School in Unionville, Ontario. I live in the village of Mount Albert, East Gwillimbury, with my parents and two beautiful older sisters. Having lived in a farming community for my entire life, when someone even mentions the word travel, my bags are already packed and I am waiting at the airport. If I had to describe myself in three words they would probably be: authentic; humble; and driven.

I love to write, make people smile, listen to music, play piano and ukulele, chill with my friends, workout, and surf the web. I have played hockey, soccer, track, and volleyball, all at competitive levels, and in the summer, I Dragon Boat race with my mom and sister to raise funds for United Way. When I am not at home you can find me volunteering at the Mount Albert Fire Department or playing piano during fundraisers at local Senior’s Homes. Recently, most of my time has been dedicated to my co-op placement at Rogers TV, learning precision video editing and how to shoot and produce television shows. All in all, I am an adventurous kid that loves hanging out, doing well in class, and travelling the world.

“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one.”

Curtis will be entering Grade 12 in September 2014

Chosen Terms: Global High School: Terms 1-3