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Blyth_MAY_Finalist_Vote_KatieHAbout Katie

Where to begin? My name is Katie and I live in London, Ontario. I am Portuguese Canadian and have been raised to appreciate all cultures—which is why I think I love TRAVEL so much! Three words someone would use to describe me are: creative, ambitious and outgoing. I plan to major in business with a minor in biological sciences, but have considered a gap year for some time. When I was eight, I wanted to be an inventor. Now I dream of pursuing a career as a family physician, hosting my own practice or running my own restaurant. I enjoy anything that has to do with the outdoors, or taking on a challenge by learning new things. In my opinion, travel is definitely crucial for self-development and discovery. Based on my love of travel, photography and communication skills, I know that I could be a great Ambassador of Awesome for Blyth’s Global High School program.

Katie will have graduated high school in the 2014-15 school year

Chosen Terms: Global High School: Terms 2-4