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I am Lauren Arnold, a Grade 10 student from Georgetown, ON who dreams of studying abroad. I’m open for any adventure, and love discovering places I haven’t been before, experiencing different cultures and trying new foods. Immersing myself in a book, laughing with friends, watching sunrises that promise new beginnings and exploring the unknown are some of my favourite pastimes. I’m a dedicated, hard-working student who loves history, art and english. My friends and family describe me as a passionate, adventurous and creative individual who wholeheartedly loves life. I believe with Blyth Global High School I can keep my mid-90′s average and still be able to immerse myself in the different countries while sharing my world travel stories and photos with everyone. My mission would be to inspire a love of travel in other teenagers from small towns like mine, and make them realize that ‘the world is their oyster’ and a fulfilling life is a life well travelled.

Lauren will be entering Grade 11 in September 2014

Chosen Terms: Global High School: Terms 1-3