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Blyth_MAY_Finalist_Vote_MadisonEAbout Madison

My name is Madison Eshleman and I am currently in grade 10 in my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. Like many other applicants, I am a secondary school student wishing to be considered for the Blyth Global School – My Awesome Year contest. My day-to-day life consists of going to a French High School, doing my homework, working part-time, volunteering, playing multiple sports and training to become a lifeguard. I love my life! I wouldn’t change it for anything – except, maybe – to get a chance to learn more about myself and the world.

I think learning and travel are both awesome. The opportunities that this contest provides are limitless. This scholarship is a dream come true and as fate would have it, I am a dreamer! I am ready to soar to new heights, actively willing to be awakened to take it all in and more than able to begin to share my experience with the world.


Madison will be entering Grade 11 in September 2014

Chosen Terms: Global High School: Terms 2-4